We manage projects and advise our clients in the areas of corporate governance, impact of our client’s operations on climate change and emissions, environmental health and safety, corporate social responsibility and responsible supply chain management.

Companies today are focused on creating long term shareholder value through maintaining their corporate reputation as an ethical sustainable organisation and behaving as a good corporate citizen instead of focusing on business performance alone. Our consultants are highly experienced in developing a corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy for your business through understanding the key issues for your business and your stakeholder groups. We work in consultation with your business and its stakeholder groups to identify these key issues and create a strategic solution that’s right for your business.

Key Issues

  • Understanding and evaluating the social, environmental and economical impacts of your business and how they impact your corporate reputation
  • Your organisational governance structure
  • Policy frameworks
  • Risk management processes throughout the business, including the supply chain
  • Reporting systems and processes
  • Due diligence work to determine the exact nature and extent of environmental / health and safety liabilities
  • Ways to control your direct and indirect carbon emissions and evaluating the carbon footprint of your business


Our Climate Change and Sustainability Advisory Services

Sustainability strategy design - we help clients develop a planned, sustainable and effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.  We work with our clients to help them prioritise strategic, reputational and environmental risks arising as a consequence of their business practices and operations.  We advise clients on CSR planning, measurement and benchmarking, gap analysis, stakeholder consultations and workshops, strategy design, roadmap and implementation and monitoring.

CSR reporting - we advise on developing a CSR reporting framework tailored to the requirements of your business in line with international best practices. We develop key performance indicators for your organisation that effectively addresses stakeholder expectations in terms of transparency and accountability. 


Environmental health and safety due diligence – Our consultants cover all significant aspects of environmental health and safety in accordance with regulatory guidelines in Canada.  We evaluate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance of our client’s operations and ensure that they are compliant and all environmental risks and liabilities are properly managed. 

Whether a real estate company is acquiring a construction site or an organisation is completing an acquisition of another business, restructuring or divesting its assets, our consultants can identify key environmental and social issues that impact the sustainability of a business and advise on mitigating these risks, problem solving and protecting shareholder value.  Our environmental due diligence process incorporates international best practices and is suited to assessing EHS risks of organisations of every size and complexity.

Carbon management - Climate change has increasingly emerged as one of the most important political and business issues of this century.  EcoVision consultants have worked with policy makers, regulatory bodies and companies across Western Canada, analysing issues and developing practical solutions for clients.  Our vast knowledge, expertise and experience ensures that we are well placed to offer a broad range of professional advisory services that guide our clients through the complex and ever changing field of emissions management and climate change.


We typically advise our clients in the following areas:

  • Greenhouse gases data management and reporting
  • Carbon footprint measurement and management
  • Project management of emission reduction programs
  • Climate change strategy formulation

Supply chain risk management - Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and often have several factors that are outside the direct control of companies. We work with clients to implement an ethical sourcing policy and strategy that helps clients integrate better with suppliers, gain increased knowledge about the ecological, social, environmental, health and safety risks of the suppliers operations and helps build better relationships with suppliers. We ensure that clients and suppliers work with each other to collectively reduce these impacts and create greater shareholder value by creating a culture of proactive management, reporting and transparency.