Human health risk assessment is planned and sustained exercise that involves examining key issues related to specific contaminants within the workplace environment, including possible contamination that could arrive through transportation, as well as external factors that are beyond the control of the client’s operation.  EcoVision engineers are highly skilled in assessing these exposures and evaluating their impact on human health that could affect your company’s workforce and increase your liability.

Ecological Risk Assessment on the other hand, considers the potential adverse effects of an industrial site on the biological communities within the environment where the site is located. Industrial sites may use certain chemicals or have emissions that could adversely impact land based and/or aquatic life. The Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCBA) is the designated trustee for natural resources in Alberta and they operate along with other regulatory agencies and trustees to advise, review and approve investigations regarding natural resources. EcoVision consultants are well aware and always up to date with compliance procedures and guidelines issued by these agencies and work with them to ensure compliance for client sites.

We evaluate and analyse the potential toxicity parameters of contaminants using the latest scientific procedures and techniques. Due to the vast experience of our consultants and engineers, we already have an in depth understanding of a large number of contaminants that commonly affect work sites and their behavioural characteristics. Our evaluations are based on sound scientific knowledge and fact, and comply with methods and protocols outlined by NIOSH, OSHA, WCB, EPA, CSA, AIHA, ASTM, ANSI, ISO, Health Canada, Canadian Association for Environmental Analytical Laboratories (CALA) as well as strict internal quality control protocols. At sites where remedial action may be required, we use risk assessment procedures to determine the nature and extent of remedial activities, such as establishing preliminary cleanup goals.

Our services range from simple risk assessment to complex modeling using analytical results and data collected through a number of years.  We understand your risk assessment requirements and provide clear and strategic advice on evaluation and management of these issues.  We always focus on creating the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your business, while ensuring an infallible commitment to quality. Our risk assessment team comprises of a wide range of professionals, including toxicologists, biologists, environmental scientists, pharmacologists, and ecologists who have provided risk assessment services to companies throughout Canada.

Our Risk assessment service areas


  • Human health risk assessment
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Toxicology studies
  • Litigation support / expert witness
  • Project management
  • Risk-based investigations
  • Risk communication / negotiations
  • Air toxicity evaluation
  • Aquatic ecology




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