Environmental Process Engineering


Environmental Process Engineering focuses on technologies for reducing the risks to human health and environment due to impacts of contaminants in our environment. Ecovision’s work in this area focuses on phenomena that are connected to the origin, transport, transformation and impacts of these contaminants within our environment and workplaces.

Our consultants focus use technologies that can create viable solutions for your industry and your business. These include bioremediation of contaminated air, water and soils, bioreactors for air pollution control, developing biosensors capable of pathogen and contaminant detection in water and air and studying the impact of emerging contaminants on the environment.

Our process engineering work with clients have covered:

  • Study of chemical processes that affect trace metals in the environment
  • Transport and impacts of toxic materials
  • Biodegradation of organic contaminants
  • Development of advanced processes for water treatment and reuse
  • Energy technologies and their impacts
  • Measurement of properties, measurement and effects of hazardous materials


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