Asbestos and Other Hazardous Materials Services

When facilities require modification or demolition, one of the areas of concern is that of hazardous building materials.  This is an area that is often overlooked by building managers and property owners.  Hazardous building materials include Asbestos, PCB’s, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Ozone depleting substances and radioactive containing substances.  Performing a Hazardous Materials Assessment of your facility ensures loss prevention, waste reduction, due diligence, compliance, and allows for a proactive approach to problem resolution.  This proactive approach can minimize issues with air quality, work place hazards as well as occupational hygiene issues and employer client/employee relations.

Hazardous Materials Services

  • Identification of Hazardous Material Products
  • Quantification of Hazardous Material Products
  • Site Specific Budgets Required for Abatement
  • Development of Site Specific Project Specifications
  • Preparation of Tender Documents and Management of Award
  • Full Project Management, Site Supervision and Air Monitoring
  • Preparation of Asbestos Operation and Management Programs
  • Compilation of Database Management Systems
  • Asbestos Worker Training
  • Asbestos Worker Certification (2-day)
  • Asbestos Awareness Training (1-hour to 8-hour)
  • Asbestos Awareness for Maintenance and Custodial Workers


    The EcoVision team working on a hazardous materials site (below)

hazmat 02

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