Our Commitment to Sustainability


At EcoVision, we believe that sustainable business practices are fundamental to the operation and success of our brand. We define "sustainability" as conducting our operations balancing economic, environmental, and social objectives in ways most likely to create long-term value without taxing the resources on which we depend. Sustainable practices reduce pollution and avoid depletion of the earth’s finite natural resources. At EcoVision, we recognize that finite global resources require us to minimize our impact on the environment while creating value for our customers.

Sustainability promotes innovation, efficiency and growth. Sustainable practices enhance the quality of life of the people of communities with whom we do business as well as our customers, employees and shareholders.

Our long standing commitment to operate as a responsible environmental consultancy has led us to innovate our operations to be more sustainable while increasing value for our clients. For example, we have now migrated our entire operational logistics and transportation to a fleet of environmentally sustainable smart cars. As a firm, we now ensure that all our scientists and engineers travel to client sites using a smart car, which reduces their carbon footprint, while resulting in substantial savings which we are able to give back to our clients, thus creating value for them through the process. At EcoVision, we operate an employee owned sustainable innovation scheme. This encourages our employees to be a part of the process and come up with smart ideas that we can implement, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of continuous sustainable innovation, while adding value for our clients. 


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